Ready2go Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Ready2Go – Cold Fusion 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

If you are looking for gorgeous, long-lasting, real human hair extensions that will not damage your natural hair, then Crisace has exactly what you are looking for. The Ready2Go cold fusion 100% AAA Remy human hair extensions are a quick and simple solution that can add length and fullness to help you create any style.

Once these cold fusion hair extensions are installed, they stay there! Using strong surgical grade strips and a unique cold fusion technology, these extensions grip tight, the adhesive is formulated to embrace each hair and slowly dissolve so that it releases when it is time to move the extension with natural hair growth, and can be worn for extended periods of time. You can even wash them while they are still installed.

The Crisace Ready2Go cold fusion hair extensions come in a wide variety of shades; including 7 natural colors for simply adding volume and length to your own hair, 2 blended shades to add volume and depth, and 6 fantasy colors to experiment with. The fantasy colors range from Barbie Pink to Turquoise, and since they are made from natural human hair, you can style them as you like.
Salon professionals interested in placing orders for these cold fusion human hair extensions can make their purchase directly on  Salon professionals may apply for wholesale pricing to purchase all products at a substantially lower price.

If you are an individual interested in purchasing the Ready2Go system, learn where to get hair extensions by going to our where to get Crisace webpage.

If you would like to learn more about Crisace’s Ready2Go cold fusion hair extensions, you can also feel free to call us directly at 1-877-878-3480.

Advantages of the Ready2Go Cold Fusion Human Hair Extensions

Cold fusion hair extensions use a new, innovative cold fusion technology to attach extensions safely to your own hair. The wonderful thing about this system is that it requires no heat to install. That means no need to sit for hours at the salon while waiting for heat to set the extensions. It lies flat against the scalp unlike many other types of extensions, which leave an unsightly bump or bulge. You won’t even know it’s there!
Another benefit of these cold fusion hair extensions is that this cold fusion technology will not cause damage to your hair or scalp as many other hair extension methods can. The extensions are chemical free and are installed without the need for damaging heat or chemicals. This means your natural hair is protected.
Our cold fusion hair extensions are made from 100% AAA Remy human hair. They are designed to last and are reusable as they can be removed and reapplied as often as you like. The extensions should be installed by a professional stylist, but once installed, they will last for weeks. They can be kept in your hair for 8 to 12 months if properly maintained with the Crisace Hair Care Kit.
Because these cold fusion extensions are made from natural human hair, you can treat the cold fusion hair extensions just as if you would your own hair. They can be colored or permed to match your hair before wearing, or by your stylist when coloring your hair, and they can be washed and styled as desired after installation. Because of the quality of these extensions, they can be reused and moved up every time you color or cut your hair.

Proper Maintenance of the Cold Fusion Human Hair Extensions

Diligent care of your cold fusion human hair extensions will prolong their life and prevent damage. To ensure the best results, cold fusion human hair extensions should always be installed by a salon professional, who is trained to handle and install them.

After the cold fusion extensions are installed, brushing should be done regularly using the special Crisace paddle brush. It is also recommended to use the Crisace Warranty Kit and special hair care products to care for your human hair extensions and to prolong the life of your extensions. When washing, you should avoid conditioning or scrubbing the root area.
If you would like to learn more about Crisace’s Ready2Go cold fusion human hair extensions or you have questions about using or ordering these extensions, contact us directly at 1-877-878-3480.

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