Hair2go Affordable Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair2Go – Affordable Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair2Go is a line of affordable clip in hair extensions made using a high quality synthetic fiber material. They are designed to give the look of real hair and can even be styled using heat tools such as a flat iron or curling iron not to exceed 180 degrees. Because these extensions offer the most affordable price, they make quality hair extensions accessible to nearly anyone!
With Crisace’s Hair2Go clip in hair extensions, you can experiment with a variety of styles, colors, and fashion statements. Whether you are looking for a more natural extension or a bright burst of color, Hair2Go has it all. The Hair2Go clip in hair extensions come in 3 different varieties; bangs, which are short and can be used for adding a splash of color, sides, which are a little longer, and full head kits which are meant to be used to add length and fullness all over the head.
The main benefit of Hair2Go clip in hair extensions is that they are extremely quick and easy to install. In fact, the full head kit takes only about 5 minutes, and you can do it yourself. Adding the smaller side pieces or bangs takes only a few seconds. You can just clip them in and you are ready to go!

Salon professionals interested in placing orders for these cold fusion human hair extensions can make their purchase directly on  Salon professionals may apply for wholesale pricing to purchase all products at a substantially lower price.

If you are an individual interested in purchasing the Ready2Go system, learn where to get hair extensions by going to our where to get Crisace webpage.

If you would like to learn more about Crisace’s Ready2Go cold fusion hair extensions, you can also feel free to call us directly at 1-877-878-3480.

Hair2Go Clip In Hair Extensions are Perfect for Fun and Playful Hair

Hair2Go clip in hair extensions are made from a high quality synthetic fiber hair. This feels and acts like real human hair, but cost just a fraction of the cost of human hair. This synthetic fiber can even last longer than human hair. Therefore, with its low cost and wide range of colors, Hair2Go clip in hair extensions are a youthful and cool style choice for many.
Like all of Crisace’s hair extensions, these synthetic clip in hair extensions can be styled as you like. They are designed to handle temperatures of up to 180° F. This mean, you can use your hair dryer to dry them or your curling iron, hot rollers, and flat iron to style and shape them without having to worry about damaging the extensions.

Virtually undetectable under your natural hair, these hair extensions come in a variety of creative colors. There are the more realistic and natural tones, ranging from chestnut and fire cracker to butterscotch and golden yellow, and there are also the bright neon, fantasy colors such as yellow-green, white, red, or blue. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can create any style you desire with the Hair2Go clip in hair extensions.

Proper Maintenance and Care of Hair2Go Clip In Hair Extensions

Taking good care of fiber hair extensions, like the Hair2Go clip in hair extensions, is important, as it will greatly prolong the life of your extensions. One of the most important things to remember when caring for your clip in extensions is that you need to take the extensions out at the end of each day. It is best to take them out and store them in their packaging to protect them. Wearing the extensions for long durations without taking them off and sleeping in the clip in hair extensions may damage your own natural hair and can result in tangling of the hair extensions.
Another important care tip is to use care not to overheat your clip in hair extensions when styling. Overheating the fiber can cause permanent damage to it. It is also recommended that you use the Crisace Care Kit to wash and clean the clip in hair extensions in order to ensure maximum life.
To learn more about Hair2Go, call us at 1-877-878-3480. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about how to purchase, care for, or use this product.

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