Crisace Hair Extension Academy

Join us at Crisace’s training academy for a full day of hair extension training. Our certification is a complete package where you will learn 4 complete systems and methods of application. You will also receive a Crisace starter kit to take back to your salon with you. This certification training will give you the skills and tools to start offering your clients Crisace hair extensions immediately!

What’s Included With Your Registration

1. Demo cutting class

2. Starter kit

3. Full head of hair extensions (150 strands)

4. Lunch

5. Crisace certificate

What You Need To Bring

1. Yourself

2. A model to work on

What’s Included In The Starter Kit

1. Connector digital temperature control pincer tool

2. 100% human hair color sample ring

3. Stainless steel removal pincers

4. Custom designed connector tool belt

5. Custom designed carrying case

6. Custom plastic application protectors

7. Soft bristle extension brush

8. Removal solution (1 bottle)

9. Training DVD that provides information, demonstration, and marketing tool

10. Strand2strand DVD demo

11. Removal DVD demo

12. Crisace cleanse shampoo

13. Crisace restore conditioner

14. Crisace detangler leave in conditioner

15. Crisace shine gloss for your hair

16. Crisace razor

17. Crisace magnetic wrist assist

18. 1 pack of bonds

19. 4 Crisace hair clips

20. 150 strands of Crisace hair for your model

2013 Class Schedule

April 8th

May 6th

June 10th

July 15th

August 12th

September 9th

October 7th

November 4th

December 9th


For more information about Crisace hair extension academy please contact us.