Celeb2go Clip In Hair Extentions

Celeb2Go AAA Remy Human Hair Extension Clip In System

When you are looking for instant luxurious celebrity styled hair, Crisace has the answer with the Celeb2Go line. Celeb2Go is an easy to use 4-piece hair extensions clip in system that gives you gorgeous celebrity hair in just minutes. These hair extensions are made from 100% AAA Remy hair to offer the finest quality and results.
The Celeb2Go extensions bring an end to fussing around for hours trying put in extensions. This system is so simple to install and remove that individuals can install or remove their extensions at home in just minutes. With this simple process, Celeb2Go are the perfect high quality extensions that can be used as little or as often as desired, even as much as every day!

Salon professionals interested in placing orders for these cold fusion human hair extensions can make their purchase directly on crisace.com.  Salon professionals may apply for wholesale pricing to purchase all products at a substantially lower price.

If you are an individual interested in purchasing the Ready2Go system, learn where to get hair extensions by going to our where to get Crisace webpage.

If you would like to learn more about Crisace’s Ready2Go cold fusion hair extensions, you can also feel free to call us directly at 1-877-878-3480.

Features of the Celeb2Go Clip In Hair Extensions System

The greatest advantage of this hair extension system is that it is made from 100% authentic AAA Remy human hair. This means the extensions are manufactured using only the finest virgin hair, which ensures that the extensions are soft, silky, and beautiful. The Celeb2Go hair extensions clip in system is also guaranteed to be 100% damage free to natural hair.
Another advantage of this system is that it can be reused as many times as you like! With proper care and maintenance, this hair extension clip in system can last as much as to 10 years when using the Crisace hair care products, therefore, offering a great quality for your money.
Celeb2Go hair extensions clip in fast and easy and can be styled as you like! They accept color just as easily as natural hair and can be highlighted, lowlighted, or dyed to match your hair color. This ensures that your extensions will always be a perfect match to your hair. This hair extension clip in system is also simple to style, and you can choose to style it before or after installation.
Another huge benefit of this hair extension clip in system is that they are heat resistant. This means, you can use your hot rollers, flat iron, curling iron, and even your blow drier on them without any damage. These extensions give you the freedom to get creative and try new hairstyle without the fear of ruining your hair extensions. Therefore, styling your extensions has never been this easy.

Maintaining the Hair Extension Clip In System to Maximize its Life

When properly cared for, the Celeb2Go system can last for years, even with repeated and frequent use. However, to ensure maximum life and performance of your hair extensions, it is important to carefully follow all maintenance instructions provided by the Crisace team.
For example, we recommend using the Crisace Hair Care Kit to care for your extensions. This hair-care system is good for both the hair extensions you clip in as well as your natural hair. It has been custom designed to improve the quality of the hair and lock in moisture, making your hair shiny and silky smooth. By using the Crisace Hair Care Kit this guarantees your extensions for the life of the product.
It is also important to brush the hair extensions frequently to prevent tangles. For this, Crisace has a specially designed paddle brush. This brush is perfect for detangling your hair extensions clip in system and for styling your hair after installation.
It is also recommended to go to a salon professional when you initially purchase and use your clip in hair extensions. The stylist can install, trim, style your hair to perfection, so that you get the best results possible with every use. Trained salon professionals can also answer any care questions you may have about caring for your hair extensions or clipping the extensions in to your hair.

If you would like to learn more about the Celeb2Go hair extensions clip in system or you have specific questions about caring for or ordering this hair extension system, call us at 1-877-878-3480.

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