Reasons To Choose Crisace Hair Extensions

Why Should You Choose Crisace Luxury Hair Extensions

It is not a coincidence that so many salon professionals trust only Crisace luxury hair extensions and recommend the same to their clients. There are many reasons why Crisace is highly considered one of the best luxury hair extension brands in the world.

With a world-renowned hair stylist at its helm, Crisace has developed some of the most advanced hair extensions in the industry. Crisace luxury hair extensions are very easy to use, they inspire creativity, and they excite even the most difficult-to-please stylist. Crisace has one of the widest ranges of luxury hair extensions of any brand available in the market. With many products available, there is a type of hair extension to meet any need or budget.

Affordable Luxury Hair Extensions from Crisace

Crisace luxury hair extensions offer many benefits over other brands of hair extensions available. Here are a few reasons why so many stylists and individuals prefer Crisace.

The Widest Range of Products: Crisace offers synthetic fiber luxury hair extensions as well as extensions made from 100% AAA quality Remy hair. These are available in both clip in and cold fusion styles and in full head kits, quarter head kits, sides, and bangs. You can purchase Crisace luxury hair extensions in numerous basic colors, mixed blends, as well as several fantasy colors. The Ready2Go cold fusion hair extensions and Celeb2Go hair extensions clip in systems can even be colored or permed to match any natural hair color or texture.

Great Value for the Money: Compared to other luxury hair extensions available in the market of a similar quality, Crisace hair extensions are very economical and affordably priced. In fact, the cost of Crisace hair extensions and your visit to the salon to install them together will cost only half of what other products will cost.

Complementing Hair Care Products: Crisace has created a line of several hair care products to help care for and guarantee the luxury hair extensions such as shampoos, hair gloss, conditioners, brushes, medical grade adhesive strips, irons, and blow driers. These will help ensure that the luxury hair extensions stay looking their best and to help you prolong the life of your hair extensions.

Long Lasting Material: Crisace luxury hair extensions are made of high quality material that can be reused any number of times. The extensions are made of either 100% AAA quality Remy hair or high temperature resistant synthetic fibers.

Easy Installation: Crisace clip in luxury hair extensions can be installed in as little as five minutes, and you do not have to be an expert hair stylist to install them. While the Ready2Go cold fusion extensions require professional installation, the process takes only around 20 minutes, which is much quicker than other hair extension systems.

100% reusable: All of the Crisace luxury hair extensions are designed to be reused over and over. The clip in extensions are easy to install or remove each day at home, while the cold fusion Ready2Go hair extension system should be professionally adjusted or reinstalled by a stylist every 4-8 weeks to ensure the best results.

The Luxury Hair Extensions Brand Recommended By Experts

A recent poll showed that nearly 63% of the stylists and salon owners, who read “American Salon”, said that they are currently offering hair extension services in their salons. An additional 7% said that they planned to start offering the services in the next year. Crisace hair extensions are easy to use, safe for hair, and offer high quality at affordable prices, because of this, these luxury hair extensions are the brand chosen and recommended by many professionals.

You can learn more about luxury hair extensions and Crisace products on our hair extension information page. If you are a stylist or salon owner and you would like to purchase Crisace hair extensions for your salon or you are interested in receiving professional training for using these luxury hair extensions, contact us at 1-877-878-3480 or place an order online today!